Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to ask in English because it would be more clear and precise, please understand. However, you could answer me in German.

I have questions regarding, functionalities of the ELV-LW-ESI with the LoRaWAN-Funkmodul, now called "the End Device".

Before I go to the questions, I would like to give you a current status of the End Device:

1. The End Device is configured according to "Bedienungsanleitung Bau-/Bendienungsanleitung" (157439_elv_lw_esi_bda.pdf) and flashed with the fimrware "Firmware ELV-LW-ESI v1.2.3" (https://files2.elv.com/public/15/1574/157439/Internet/157439_elv_lw_esi_app_version_v1.2.3.hex.zip).

2. The End Device is registered to an application in The Things Stack Sandbox (https://eu1.cloud.thethings.network/) via the Dragino Gateway LG308-N.

3. The End Device can be connected to sensors, "LED-Sensoreinheit ES-LED" and "Gaszählersensor ES-Gas-2", and sends Uplink messages contanining energy measurements successfully to the application in 5-minutes interval.

The following are my questions:

1. When power on the End Device (by connecting to a USB port), the Status LED on the ELV-LW-ESI does not flash in yellow and green when connected to both ES-LED and ES-Gas-2 respectively. However, if a sensor is not connected, the Status LED lights up in Lila as described in the Bedienungsanleitung.

2. When the Taster on the ELV-LW-ESI is pressed, an immediate sending (sofortige Sendung) of a message does not happend.

3. Downlink messages cannot be sent to the END Device, e.g., to set "LED-Zählerkonstant" via FPort 6.

4. Is there a way to reduce sending interval from 5 minutes to (let's say) 1 minute?

Thank you